Monday, March 9, 2009

12 inches to Locks of Love

yes, you heard it. Me, Bridget Nielson, the girl with the long hair, ya thats me, well not anymore.

I was getting so frustrated with my long hair. It was starting to be a bad hair day everyday, it was getting everywhere, my head and neck were always hurting, and i just needed a change. I cant decide if i like the change or not, but its a change and thats good enough for now.
I wasnt ever really nervous. I didnt cry when she cut it, in fact i havent cried at all since i've had it cut. I think i was more excited than nervous. I think i like the change though. I definitely miss it, but i think i can deal with it. I cant really curl it at all like i used to, and i think that will be tough to deal with because that was my favorite and everyone else's favorite thing to do with my hair. But i was ready for something else.
The other thing that bothered me about my old hair was that everyone knew me from my hair. i often heard, "oh ya, the girl with the long hair!" I like it because my hair was pretty, but i hated that i was known for the fact that i had long hair, not for other reasons like my testimony, the fact that i try to be nice to everyone, my brains, my vb skills, my love for people, and my standards. I just felt like i wanted to be known for other things just than my hair, and once people get used to my hair, then i think they can maybe stop staring at my hair and listen to what i say or pay attention to what i do. :)

anyways, today, at 3 o'clock i got my hair cut. I chopped off almost 12 inches and my hair is still past my shoulders. its crazy how much hair i had. i didnt realize it until it was gone, and i was looking at the pictures. haha. well i think i've said enough. really this post will be more about the pictures than the words. haha. enjoy! and please let me know on how you like it on me, and what are some cute hair styles i can do!!! thanks.


Jenefer Reudter said...

WOW! Good cause! Love the new look! You are doing great on the blogging thing...a lot better than me! Keep it up!

Leslie :~D said...

Sarah did L.O.L. too. We like your new hair, perfect for a globe trotting almost college girl!

Dessa Mae said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I love your hair cut! It's so beautiful!!

The Stices said...

I like it lots.... I think that anyway you wear it looks great...even wet...HAHAHA
I like the curly way the best I think.
Love ya

Jason & Britney said...

The girls say it's cute but you should go a little shorter so you can look like them! Sydnie says, "Why did she cut her hair? Was it stuck in something?"