Friday, March 13, 2009

my week...

well... I know this week i wasnt too good about blogging, and to be honest i just didnt want to blog. i also didnt want to clean, do homework, play volleyball, go to mutual, or get on the computer this week. i have no idea why, but somethin' is up.... the doctor said its a very popular, but yet not contagious virus that i will not be able to get rid of for a few months. There is no medicine to cure it, i just have to wait till it goes away. the only true cure for it is... GRADUATION!!!! yes, ladies and gentlemen. I have SENIORITIS!!!! YIKES!! whatever shall i do?
ok but seriously. I think i have had it since before Christmas break. like not even kidding. i know i'm the queen of exaggeration and all, but i'm not kidding this time. and its really hit me hard this week. i not only dont want to do my homework, or go to school. i just dont want to do anything. i really dont know anything that strikes my attention right now. idk? oh well. i think i can make it till the end of the year. I think once i come back from France, i may have a little more push to get me through the end of the year. well lets at least hope i will. anyways, back to my week...
Monday i cut my hair, and that was about the highlight of my day.
Tuesday i went to a dear leader's house and had about a 3 hour talk with her. I needed someone to go vent to, and she was convienently there waiting for me to come to her and cry my eyes out. and yes, i did exactly that. But no worries, she repaired me, and i am put back together again. but i'll give you two words... HIGH SCHOOL!!! so now you know all my problems and struggles. but we're making it with my heavenly father, my family, and my church family. thanks every one of you!!
Wednesday, was a great day! so every-other day, i have the opportunity to take Jesika Page home from school, we started talking about school that day and how it was so amazingly creepy that our lives were like twiners!! so we started talking and she said, "let's go out to ice cream, how 'bout?" so we were off to sonic, cuz i FREAKIN LOVE HAPPY HOUR AT SONIC!! :) so we got our slurpies and talked and talked our mouths off. it was great. it was fun. it was great fun. i then got gas, and then took an adventure off to the world of walls and marts. wal-mart. got nail polish for our mutual activity that night, and then went home. but while i was in the car at sonic, i got a txt from my great friend Krissy, and we were going to the Columbia and Skyview baseball game together and she was reminding me of that. so i dropped off Jesika, got ready for the baseball game, left over to Skyview, froze my booty off, and cheered for both Skyview and Columbia.... hehehehe. long story. :) then ran, well not literaly, but you got the message, back over to my house. scarfed down my nummy yummy to my tummy Taco Soup and then slipped on my pj's, grabbed my nail polish, and once again ran over to Sister Bird's house for a night of relaxation and pedicures. oh man. that was heavenly!! loved every single minute of it. i got to soak my feet, scrub my feet, and i got a massage from Sister Bird, miss cosmetologist, herself and that was the best thing that i have received in a very long time. wow. then we painted our toe nails, and i might say, my toes are the cutest toes, now, in the town of Nampa. haha. very very cute. then i went home, did my homework, and took in some ZZZZZZZZZ's.
Thursday, i came home from school, then shipped my lovely ponytail off to Locks of Love. sad day. but it felt good. then i took advantage of Happy Hour once again, and this time, to get me motivated to get my room cleaned!!!!! it worked quite well too. then, once my room was clean again, i got some homework done, got ready for volleyball, and took in a few hours of the best sport on this planet. it was great.
Friday, i woke up at 6 stinkin 30!!!! if you know me, on B days, i wake up at about 7:15 (just enough time to look decent, and be at school at 7:40) and on A days, i wake up at about 8:30 ish(i have an open period first and dont have to be to school till 9:12). so waking up this early at 6:30 was very very difficult. but i made it. I had my S.A.L.T. (Skyview Athletic Leadership Team) meeting and have our picture taken for the yearbook, our trophy case, the newspaper, and time magazine (okay just kidding on the last two). it was great. but because i had open this morning i just chilled, ate breakfast, and did my math homework in the cafeteria until the bell rang. then, when i came home from school, i slipped on my slippers, and ran (once again not literaly) over to Lungren's to babysit their kids. fun night!! gotta love 'em!! and now here i am blogging. i guess i will have to finish off my week in a few more days. but thats my week so far, that i just had to get in here before i forget and i get on my i-dont-want-to-do-anything-mood. =]

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