Friday, November 13, 2009

Vanessa Came To Visit Me!

I had the great opportunity to have my best friend come up and visit me. We did a lot and it was great fun. We hung out Friday night and I got to meet Vanessa's friend from high school, Annie. We went out to eat and then hung out at Lindsay's house and just had fun. We played a few rounds of Wackee Six as well. ( I got my own box of Wackee Six for my half-birthday from Vanessa!) It was fun. On Saturday we went to the craft fair in Rexburg and it was fun, but I finally learned the simple way of not spending money on all my wants: don't have cash in my wallet, and don't bring mh wallet/"forget" my wallet. But it was fun to go do something that I enjoy, finally. We then went to Porter's (Rexburg's huge craft store) because they were having their huge holiday sale! It was fun to hang out with Lindsay and Vanessa, but once again I didn't spend one penny. It was a great feeling. I then went to my JV game and played some really really good volleyball. We finally won a game. It was a great game that we played and it was a great feeling. And it was awesome to have Vanessa there cheering me on. Then I had a little break, and then played on my Varsity team and we played a really tough team. They are undefeated, and had great hitters. But we did really well. We gave them a fight. We played 4 games and we were both in the 20's everytime. But we did loose. Oh well. So I enjoyed my first meal of the day, at about 3 in the afternoon. And I will admit it, I ate a whole foot long from Subway in one sitting. It was a great feeling haha. anyways, then we chilled for a little at my appt. then Vanessa gave Lindsay and Jared massages. Jared gave me some herbal sleep tea and I slept for a good hour. I needed it. If felt so good. Then we went to my enrichment activity that I was somewhat in charge of. (my calling is enrichment assistant) We had a little bonfire and testimony meeting with about 20 girls from my relief society. It was needed. I love my relief society. Then Vanessa and I enjoyed a great spaghetti dinner made by Lindsay and Jared. They are great hosts. Then we just chilled the rest of the night at Lindsay's talked and talked and watched a real funny video of Brian Reagan. hahahaha. Then we went to bed. Sunday, we went to sacrament. Took pictures at the temple, and chilled for hours at Linday's. Once again Lindsay and Jared are the best. They always let us just crash at their place and offer us food and entertainment. Thank-you guys!! And I'll just say it now, congrats on knowing that you have a BOY!! :) you guys will be great parents and can't wait to come over and hold that sweetie. If you ever need anything Lindsay, I am here to help. I know I don't have a car, but if you just need to me to clean the house or help you out with dinner, I can. Lindsay also took me to the store Monday night. She is a sweetheart. Its good to know I have real friends up here now and you are the best. I owe you a lot. Especially because she also slipped in Nate's mission address to me. ;) anyways, back to my weekend. It was great to have Vanessa there and to just have someone to hug. I've missed that the most. I don't ever get hugs, and I am such a touchy person it was so nice. I am so glad you came up Vanessa. You sacrificed so much to come see me and that means a lot to me. I could go on and on about all you helped me with. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you.
So I know I have a lot to blog about. Me and my roommates are pretty good about taking pictures of a lot of things we do. So I have a lot to write and post about, but figured I would take it one at a time. So here's about the last weekend. Enjoy the pictures.

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