Friday, November 13, 2009

25 activities that make me happy. :)

So I bought a book at the University Book Store a few weeks ago, and its called "Happiness 101" by Gregory R. Wille. It is the best book I have read. ever. I seriously live by it. It is 18 lessons for Latter-day Saints on how to live a happier life! The one thing that I need to do is implement the things that it tells me to do, and not just read it. So the first principle that it talks about is finding activities that make me happy and center those things in my life. So I decided to do that. Here is my list of 25 things that make me happy or give me happiness. Not in particular order...
1. playing volleyball
2. Running
3. Playing games- ex. cards, active, board, and fun games
4. reading a good book
5. watching a good movie
6. Taking naps
7. Playing with hair
8. Cleaning
9. Listening to my music
10. Texting
11. Eating good food
12. Going on walks
13. Observing flowers
14. Camping
15. Boating, waterskiing, swimming, soaking up the sun, etc.
16. Shopping alone
17. Working in the yard/garden
18. Seeing new places, having new experiences
19. Attending the temple
20. Dancing
21. Taking a hot shower or bath
22. Reading my scriptures
23. Praying to my Heavenly Father
24. Blogging/writing for me
25. Doing crafts

So there's the list. Then after making the list, they say make a detailed plan on how I will implement all of those things in my daily life. So then I made a detailed plan for every one of those activities, and what can I do to make it a part of my life. For instance, I am going to make a game night on Thursday nights that I will invite all my friends to come to. I'm excited. So for each one, I planned and made goals and expectations for my life. It is good. I have done really well on it the last two days.
Just to talk through the rest of the book, that I have read so far, I will list the next four principles that I have read about.

Principle #1 : Find activities that make me happy and make them the center of my life.
Principle #2 : Simplify my life
Principle #3 : Understand the relationship between money and happiness
Principle #4 : Avoid excessive debt
Principle #5 : Enjoy the blessings of work

With my money management class, where I have to set up a budget and implement all of those things, and then reading this book, I have become really frugal and money smart. I thought I was before, but I am doing really well with my money so far this month. I have only bought things once so far and it was to buy my necessary groceries. It's been good to know that I can control my spending habits.
Anyways, the next part of the book, Part 3 is focusing on a happier life through greater physical well-being. I love this book! When I am done, if anyone wants to read it, you are more than welcome to. I did mark it up, but I wish everyone could read it, so feel free.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend, I had a blast. I will be posting some great pictures soon. Have a great weekend!

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kira lee said...

oh wow!!! thanks for sharing!!! sounds like a great book that i definitely want to read! I'll think i'll make a list of my own tonight!