Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm alive!!

Skinnlee is getting married. :)

oh good times. :)

going to the dance together. what a night!! :)

going for a walk together. haha. krazy kollege kids!!
this is Lil Bridge, chels, and Skinnlee (Mckenzie)

this is Skinnlee, Savs (Savannah) , and Lil Bridge
we went a little crazy when Chels left. haha

good times friends.

I have to POOP!!! :)

America's next top models. you know it.

Oh my favorite.

Can you guess who we are? it started out with a night trying to dress up like Chels. haha. oh we love you.
just don't ask what time it was. we were way tired.

our long hike up to church. had to take a break and take a cute picture.
Skinlee, B , Chels, Heidi, Savs, missing Bethany.

I know most of you are thinking, "Is Bridget still alive?" Did the crazy Rexburg snow get the best of her. Well here's your answer. I'M STILL ALIVE!!! Lets start with pictures. I need to have them up on here more often. crazy huh? its a great place to be. Thats all i can say.

And here are some pictures of my bedroom when I first moved in. There is more stuff now. but you get the gist. I love my bedroom! :)

and here are some pictures of me and my 2nd last day with my family. We stayed in Idaho. It was a great experience.

oh i miss you guys so much!!!!! :(

I'm going there someday. :)

and here are just a FEW of many pictures of my last day with my best friend. :(

of course we had to fit in our Sunday walks in.

and laughing our heads off.

and finding things that make Vanessa scream and me laugh and take a picture. ;)

oh vanessa. I miss YOU!!!!!!

and I miss our talks on your roof. with the full moon.

well thats about it folks. I woke up at 9 this morning and am still on this stikin computer on my bed. its 2:00 right now. oh well. what else do I have to do? lol I will try to be better at keep this updated. I know I didn't talk much, but figured pictures talk louder than words sometimes. I will get on another time and keep you updated. The only thing I'm gunna say is that I am on a realy competitive team and I love it so much. Its so much fun and its such a good feeling to be happy again. :) love my team and stuff. even though my practice is at 6 in the morning. its worth it. I am falling in love with Owl City lately too. until next time, I LOVE YOU!!! <3


Vanessa Jones said...

I am so glad you are alive. Actually I never thought you weren't cause I talk to you a lot. Probably too much lol. I loved the pictures! You're roomates are so freakn fun and funny! YOu got lucky with good roomates! I'm glad you are having fun up there! I love you chica!

Dessa Mae said...

I absolutely enjoyed your pictures!!! Keep having fun!! You're Too cute!

kira lee said...

it looks like you are having so much fun!!!