Friday, September 18, 2009


I know its been way too long since I have made a post. But I decided I needed to start with something small and do it every day or so and maybe i'll get everyone caught up. I only have a little bit because I'm at the library on campus and I really need to get home and do MORE homework and get some food in my stomach.
I am really enjoying this place. It is totally the place for me. I love love love it. The thing that blows me away the most is the fact that I can feel the spirit of Christ that you would feel in the middle of sacrament just on my way to classes. The campus is full of people that are striving to become like Christ as I am. I don't feeel left out. I don't feel stupid for dressing modest everyday. I don't feel stupid carrying my scriptures to class. I don't feel stupid in my apartment reading my scriptures at the dinner table or praying in the living room. Its just a perfect place for me and my testimony to dwell. I love it. The classes are always started with a prayer at least and sometimes a hymn. How wonderful is that? I have a class that is about Pakistan and the Global Hotspot over there. For me, that's not a subject that makes me happy or even excited to learn about. But because we start with a prayer. It helps me stay focused. I feel like I learn things better and easier and I never thought I would. I could go on and on and on about all the wonderful things about this university. Its for me.
The other thing that has helped me to love this experience is my wonderful roomates. I get along with them so well. I knew two of them from my high school. But its nice to have roomates because I really don't know many people here. So when we are bored and want to go do something I can always count on hanging out with them. We all get along so well. It is such a blessing. We haven't had any conflicts yet or any hard times. I'm sure they will come eventually but i'm not too worried. I'm a very easy going person so if there is something I don't really agree with or want to do, I'll do it anyways because its not worth the trouble. Its nice to have a room to go to sometimes and just do homework though. They are huge on having music on and always dancing and singing. Which i absolutely adore. I have learned to let loose a little and just have fun. They are so much fun and I love them. Savannah Argyle shares my room with me and she is so awesome. She is always to happy and positive towards life. So carefree and fun. I just love her. The other night both of us were talking about boys and things that happen with them and we were just not having a good day. But we realized that we don't need to worry. Both of our patriarchal blessings talk about us getting married and having kids. We're both very rightoeous women and if we stay that way we need to stop worrying about boys. Things will happen. So then she shared a quote with me and it blew my mind away how perfect it was for me to hear that at this moment in my life. It was, "Faith in God includes faith in his timing." and we both just loved that quote and wanted to be reminded of it everyday. So we put tons of computer paper together and wrote it out with crayons and put it up on our wall. So when I walk into my bedroom I see it. I LOVE IT!! Anyways. tons to talk about and not enough time. But i'll try to keep this up. I love it here and I'm so glad I'm here. I have received confirmation that this is the place for me and I will gain so much here. In so many different aspects.
I have to talk about my wonderful classes real quick and then I need to go. First of all, I have to let everyone know that I officially changed my major and minor. It may change again, but so far I LOVE IT!!! My major is Child Development and my minor is Home and Family Studies. I know thats so funny. but i'll admit it. I love it and I think i'm gunna stick with it. I have a Money Management class that I think may be one of my favorites. Its a very easy going not stressful class but I have learned the most in there than anyother class that I have. The teacher is great. She is teaching in a more practical, applicable way then the technical, stupid way. haha. I just love her. She is great. I have to make a budget the whole semester and write down everything that I spend and earn. I have learned so much on food storage, disasters, needs vs. wants, and the LDS philosophy of money. It is so much fun. But whats so funny about my class... about 25 girls and 2 guys. :) The two guys are married and about 20 of the girls are married. hahaha. oh BYU-I!! :) its hilarious. anyways. love the class. very useful information. Then I have a Volleyball Theory class. Its about coaching volleyball. Its a different spin on my life. I'm so used to being the one coached and now I have to be the one coaching and thinking about the players. Its weird but i love it so much. My teacher is a little crazy, but its okay. We have a great book that we're reading and its so useful. one thing that i like about my teacher is that she teaches all the ways to coach things and tells us that we get to decide what we like best. there isn't one way to coach something so she teaches all the most successful ways and we decide what we want. great class. Then I have Global Hotspot. YUCK!! but its a class I HAD to take to whatever. I mean its interesting because i know absolutely nothing about pakistan and stuff. But its a weird class. Lots of reading and preparing for lessons and alot to do. But luckily my roomate, Savannah is in my same class. and my other roomate Mckenzie, is the same class just a different time. So we help out each other. Then I have Book of Mormon and I love that class too. Its so much fun. Its so much better than seminary and its a real enjoyment. My teacher reminds me alot of my old seminary teacher, Brother Hamilton, and I loved him and his teaching style so its worked out great. He has a great sense of humor and that always helps in class. There are some amazing people in my class and I am really enjoying it. It gives me enough of a challenge but not too much. and I have a friend, Karlie Passey, in my class too. Its sweet. Then I have beg. French. Way to easy for me, but she goes really fast so its good. And its good for me to be refreshed on my beginning french language. I love the fact that we're learning how to sing hymns in french and I know how to say a prayer in french. Its the best. Its a great class. Its everyday but Friday and its about 15-20 minutes walk away from my apt. and its all uphill. So its tough that i go everyday, but its a good workout. :) I then have a Walleyball class and I absolutely love it. It took me about two days to get used to the fact that it comes off the wall not off the persons hand, if that makes sense. I had to learn all new angles that the ball will come to me and stuff. But its been fun to play volleyball and have a little bit of a challenge in learning new things about it. I have almost mastered the "impossible to touch" serve. Its awesome. In real volleyball all serves are basically able, if you're good enough to at least touch and get up. Well in Walleyball because of the boucing off of the walls, there will be times that it will hit the wall lightly enough that it won't come off and just skid across the wall. You can't get it that way. Or I can serve it so short and fast that you can't get it. Anyways, its been fun to learn new things about my game. My coach is really impressed with my volleyball skills, especially my defense. Its finally time that my coach notices my skill. This class has NO classroom time. Its all court time. We play for 2 hours. Thats it. Nothing but playing. thats why i love it so much. They are played in Raquetball courts so it gets really hot, but at least I know I won't gain the freshman 20 this way. :) Its also nice because the coach of this class also teaches my Volleyball Theory class. Well those are my classes. great aren't they? I recently went to one of my advisors and she looked at my classes and transcript and stuff and I am on a fast track to graduating!! :) because I had 28 credits that transfered almost directly from NNU to BYU-I. I don't have to take alot of my generals. Only 3 more science instead of 6. no more math, if i pass the test. only 1 more humanities. and so on. I can soon dive right into my classes for my major and minor which i am SO EXCITED for. Sewing classes, home decor, family studies, fashion design, and it goes on. how fun is that?
anyways. enough for today. Sorry it was long. But hopefully it was enough for you to get caught up in the life of Bridget Nielson, student at BYU-Idaho. Miss everyone and love you all. Keep up your blogs because I read them often. I'll try to do my share as well.


The Stices said...

So glad to hear your doing well. Classes sound fun, isn't it so nice to have all those credits from High School already transfer. Makes college more fun! Love you lots and keep us posted on the new life of the BYU-I college girl!

Vanessa Jones said...

Um I still cant believe I read this whole post and then realized at the end I already heard all this! Lol! You are a fun girl and Byu i seems perfect! You're roomates are awesome! Keep your chin up on tuesdays! The week gets easier after then! Love you!