Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best week of my life!!

It all started on Monday. The dress up theme was “As seen on TV”. I dressed up as Cinderella. I looked so much like her too! I had glass shoes, blue dress that looked like hers, black choker, pearl earrings, high poofy bun, and a blue headband. It was fun walking around cuz everyone said that I looked just like her and I looked really good. Then I had vb practice, then we had a team dinner cuz we had a game Tuesday. That was a lot of fun to hang out and play games with my awesome team. Then I went to Wal-Mart to get my blue shirt. Went home to get fabric glue. Went to Erica Parks’ house to decorate shirts for Betty ball that night. We had so much fun decorating shirts, and doing our hair crazy. That was a lot of fun. Then we went to the game together and practiced for about an hour and then started our game against the juniors. It was so much fun. I was dancing so much I could hardly focus on the game. I was out in the outfield because I can run fast and catch the high, fast balls really well. =] When I was up to kick, I struggled with the kicking part, but once I got a really good kick, I ran and everyone was like, “wow, she can really run!” it was pretty funny. Ha ha ha. Seniors totally dominated. We caught every single ball they kicked to us. It was great. We shut them down completely. The refs even cheated at the end to give them a few points. We ended up winning with the time running out. The score was something close to 31 -13. Idk? It was a blast!
Tuesday’s dress-up theme was “A day at the rodeo”. So I had my dad’s huge boots, tight pants, big belt buckle, plaid shirt, Smokey the Bear handkerchief (which was my favorite part! Ha ha ha) my hair in pig-tail braids, and a straw hat that I wore crooked. That was everyone’s favorite. Everyone wanted to take pictures with me, and I really didn’t think I looked that good. Ha ha ha. Then we had a home game against Nampa. So we got a lot of fans to come. Then the Hunkfest was right after our game. That was so much fun watching the boys play like they knew everything. I was one of the coaches and I never knew that boys could complain so much. “Why is he in?” “I want to go in!” “He’s stupid!” it just went on and on and on. =] They played like complete idiots, but we all had so much fun. Seniors dominated and beat the juniors like crazy. It was awesome.
Wednesday was Battle of the Sex’s day. Girls wear PINK and guys wear blue. Of course, the second I heard that, I was planning to go all out. And EVERYONE knew that I would be the one to. It was great. I LOVE PINK!!! So that was MY day. So this was my costume: Light pink flats, dark pink ankle socks, light pink tights, light pink board shorts, bright pink short shorts, light pink fairy skirt, pink long sleeve shirt, lt. pink cami, pink tank top, light pink bow on my sleeve, glittery pink belt, big pink tie, pink finger and toe nails, pink rings, lots of pink bracelets, pink earrings, pink necklace, pink eyelashes and the best part…. PINK HAIR!!!! That was everyone’s favorite part too. Oh and I used my big, all pink bag that I made. I was so proud of all the girls too. A lot of the girls went all out with pink stuff. And all the girls wore at least a pink shirt or something. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. =] At ten we had the best assembly ever! We took lots of pictures of the girl’s side. The whole section looked cool cuz we were all in pink. The B team dance was the best we have all seen so far. It was really good dancing and they all looked like they had practiced it for a long time, they didn’t ever mess up and they all looked really good. The Blue angles did a great dance this time too. They were all in the white football jerseys and long blue socks with sneakers. They did a really cool dance. I liked it a lot. The homecoming court walk-ons were really cool and funny. They all had a different song they came out on, and they all did a different type of dance. Like there was gangster, robot, rocker, cha-cha, elegant, and so on. We played a game like musical chairs. Boys vs. girls. Where they said to go get a… belt or a mint or a pony tail or whatever! And they all had to go get that thing from the audience and hurry and go sit down. Whoever didn’t get a seat was out. There were three boys and three girls. And Shaylee went all the way to the end. It was great. But she ended up loosing because I couldn’t take off my belt fast enough. Ha ha ha. So the boys won. There was also an ice cream eating contest going on the whole assembly. How much ice cream could Ashley and Slack eat in one sitting? And the boys won that one. We all had a yell contest and the boys won that too. Even though EVERYONE knows that the girls won. We had some awesome cheers like, “Girls rule!” and “Estrogen” and we were so much louder than them too. But the judge was a boy, so he would get crap if he didn’t pick his own gender. STUPID!!! The girls for sure won the dress-up contest too. We all dressed up in pink and we looked so good in the gym. The boys were lame!! But then ALL the lights went out in the gym. Which was really scary because it was pitch dark in there. And there was a huge spotlight on Pasta and Reddy. They did this speed walk race across the gym and Pasta totally dominated. It was so cool. That was, I think, my favorite part. Then we had practice, and then I had mutual which was really relaxed and fun. We delivered cinnamon rolls to the old bishopric. And then watched the BSU game.
Thursday, I had an all sports camp with a lot of little kids. I helped coach volleyball. It was so much fun. Then I went to this foreign language conference and sold my purses to help me get to France. Then went home for an hour, and then went back for practice. Then went back home and got ready for the game. Then went to the game and hung out and had fun with friends. We totally dominated at the game against Emmett, but it was not worth it!! Spencer Kindall shattered his collar bone, Andrew Slack pulled his MCL, and Steven Figueroa pulled his MCL, I think, too. All three of these boys were very key guys in football. Spencer was probably their MVP and was doing so great this year. And Andrew Slack was a huge contribution to our team. It was a sad day for Skyview!! Also the homecoming court was fun to watch. McKenna Ford was Princess (she’s on my vb team) so we all yelled for her!! Hailey Hutchings was Queen, and “Cup” was King. In which I was so excited that they got it!! It’s a long story! =]
Then Friday, I finished the camp, and went home and really didn’t do a whole lot of important things. Then went to Mountain View for a volleyball tournament. We dominated there and did well. Right after that we all ran home to hurry and get ready for homecoming. Jumped in the shower, curled my hair, put on my dress, slipped on my shoes, grabbed the camera and sped to Brick 29 where the rest of my group was meeting. Took pictures of us, and then enjoyed the delicious dinner. We had a lot of fun. We hurried and ate, and then went out to our ride. Abe’s (jazz’s) charger. Had fun on the way over to the dance. When we made it to the school, we took pics, and then jumped onto the dance floor and danced the night away! That was the best part. We really enjoyed ourselves. We had two slow dances we danced to, and then danced to the rest of the fast songs. We were all sweating like pigs and were all really gross. But it was so worth it. My dress was perfect for dancing crazy, all over. It was so comfortable and I never had to adjust or anything. Abe and I looked so good together too. It was great! Then we all went out to Abe’s house for a little campfire fun out on his patio. It was fun to just sit and relax after the very tiring day.
I was so tired though. I felt bad for Abe because after the dance I was really quiet and not myself. But I had absolutely nothing left in me!!! =] anyways, we roasted marshmallows and talked. My group was Ericka Parks, her Boyfriend Brent, Carly Dranginis, Tyler Lewis, Krissy Galeai, her boyfriend Karsten Robison, Abe and me. It was a really fun group and we really had a blast together. We all knew each other really well and it worked out perfectly.
Anyways, well I hope this wasn’t too long for the post this time, but I decided I should put all details in it because I didn’t want this week to be forgotten by me, and I want you guys to know that I really had a blast that week, and what I have been up to lately. Really busy!! Never home and never able to talk to you guys anymore. I love you!!

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