Monday, August 18, 2008

Volleyballs, Roller Coasters, and Service

On friday morning, i started my volleyball tryouts. it was in a way kind of easy, just because i have been doing this forever. but in other ways it was hard because, of course, we did our fair share of conditioning.
then we went again that night and did some stations. each station working on essential volleyball skills: hitting, passing, serving, and conditioning.
then saturday morning, i went back to finish up tryoutswe played for a few hours had about a 50 minute break and then went for another few more hours. we were done at about noon. i made varsity, along with all of my other senior teamates, and then two juniors. and that is our team. for now. i am excited to start playing and getting into this great season ahead of me.
then at about 3 Melanie and i drove out to the fair and had so much fun. and in case you didn't know, i have never been to the fair before. so i really had a great time. i went on all the big scary rides and i was so daring to go on them. i am so proud of myself. i really enjoyed my time with melanie because we don't ever have time to hang out with each other anymore. we stayed there until about 11:30. it was so much fun and i want to go back again so bad.
then on sunday, brooke and i went to church alone, because dad had several speaking assignments and mom went to support him. it was a little different sitting on the bench alone, but it wasn't too bad. then later at church i was assigned to give the lesson in YW's because my advisor that usually teaches was going to have a really busy week and so i told her i would do it for her. the lesson was on service in the church. and i really gained alot from teaching that lesson. if you didn't know, i have been beehive president two different times. mia-maid president two different times, and i am currently the laurel class president. and when i wasn't president, i was always in the presidency. so i have had my fair share of church callings in the past few years. but being laurel class president is for sure the biggest, most stressful and pressured calling i have had. and i am also on the Skyview Seminary council. and now that school is starting, i have had lots of assignments and duties to take care of. so doing this lesson was perfect for me. i needed to hear it. but i guess my lesson was really boring because as i was listening to my YW president tell us some things, my advisor took off her glasses, set them on her lap, and then kicked her leg enough to throw her glasses staight to me, and so i looked over at her to see what was up, and she was leaning over really far over on the girl's chair next to her and was rubbing her eyes. i was watching her wondering what is she doing and not even kidding she all of a sudden fell behind that chair and was completely limp. she had passed out. i yelled, "sis. voigt has passed out!!" so we try to pull her out of the chair that she is stuck behind, i go and run through the hallways to find Sis. Zufelt. (she is a paramedic that is in our ward) finally after going through almost every room in the church, i find her run back to our class, and Sis. Voigt has already come back to normal, but was as white as a sheep's wool. i was scared for my life in those few minutes. the longest minutes of my life!! but she was ok and eventually i hurried and finished my lesson. but what a lesson. i don't think i will ever forget that lesson. or my WONDERFUL weekend!!

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